For Marco, For Wherever You Are Now

For Marco, For Wherever You Are Now

8am you look at me with brown eyes half the size of your head

You smile at me and turn red, look at Bijon and say “I love her”

I turn to Jennifer and say “EW”, my friends and I throw our heads back and gift you with the stabbing sound of little girls snickering with no remorse

At lunch you sit at the table behind mine

I blow kisses into the air as I joke with my friends about how famous I want…

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how many tumblr followers do you have mom

yeah that’s what i thought

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Taking a break

I’m logging off from now until I start school again (mid-October) because there’s a lot of things going on and I feel like I need to take a break from Tumblr.

I’m moving to a new place, I’m working on my writing, I’m trying to get a job and I’m also trying to separate myself from how close I am to this site.

This site is hella rad, but right now I need to step back and breathe.

For everyone who has my gmail or skype or whatsaap, feel free to talk to me on any of those platforms and for the rest of you, I hope you are all good and wonderful and fine and that you can work through what you need to work through and love what/who you love.

I shall return sweet plums <3

p.s. my que is loaded up