How to Become a Ghost

A Poem for Boys Who Compare Girls to Flowers

I hate the smell of cigarette smoke

But I love the way it tangles in with your clothes and fights your cologne for existence

I always find it funny that you say you hate everyone around you, yet never seem to get sick of me or the way I deconstruct my sandwiches before I eat them

Though you say you could snap me in half, you never do Instead you pick me up between your fingers

Wrap me in your palm

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September 13th

This week I sold a bed and a recliner and made 400 shekels. I have also been dismantling desks and beds and I kind of love it. If anything ever goes wrong, at least I can use this one skill to make some cash.

Seeing as how most of this week was procrastination/getting ready to move, I haven’t had much time to soak up my regular amount of media or even make a playlist for all of you to read and…

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when you see a hot person


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